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Tension Headaches Treatment

Among the most frustrating medical conditions that someone might have to deal with is headaches. For those who are familiar with headaches, they likely know that these can come in several different forms. One example of headaches is the migraine headache. When someone suffers from a migraine, they are familiar with nausea and vomiting that can accompany this condition. There are also cluster headaches that can cause tearing and paralysis on one-half of the face. Perhaps the most common type of headache is the tension headache. The dedicated team at Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic has some helpful information for everyone who lives in the Richmond Hill area.


What is a Tension Headache?

A tension headache is arguably the most common type of headache that someone can develop. When someone has a tension headache, they often describe the feeling of a "band" squeezing their head, applying pressure to various parts of the skull. There are numerous reasons why this might develop; however, these headaches often originate somewhere in the neck and cervical area of the spine. Tightness in these parts of the body can place a lot of stress on the muscles of the skull, causing the head to feel like it has been placed in a vice grip. Fortunately, when someone is suffering from this type of headache, there are treatment options available.

What are the Treatment Options for a Tension Headache?

If someone is suffering from a tension headache, they might have been told to lay down, take a few pills, and wait for it to pass. While this may treat the symptoms, it will not do anything to prevent these headaches from returning in the future. The goal of a chiropractor is to get to the root of the problem to prevent these headaches from returning down the road. There are numerous manipulations and adjustments that a trained chiropractor can perform that can help someone both feel better and prevent these headaches from coming back. This can lead to significant quality of life improvement.

Rely on the Care of Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic in Richmond Hill

In the end, tension headaches can be incredibly debilitating and often leave people searching for answers. It is important for those who suffer from these headaches to rely on the care of a trained chiropractor. Those with questions and concerns should call Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic today to make an appointment. Our dedicated team will make sure that you have access to the latest in treatment options for tension headaches. We have developed a reputation for placing the needs of our patients ahead of our own. Rely on us to take care of you and your family. Visit us today!


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