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Ronnie Chan D.C. - Background and Qualifications

As you meet Dr. Chan you will find that the most important thing in his mind will be “getting rid of your PAIN”. This will be the focus of the treatment from the moment you enter Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic. Once that has been accomplished, the next point of focus will be to make sure that PAIN won’t come back anymore; team up with Dr. Chan and you are going to nail it together! DSC_1194.jpg

Dr. Ronnie Chan is the owner of Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He was born in Hong Kong but brought up in Markham, Ontario. Dr. Chan graduated from McMaster University with major in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. With huge interest in Japanese culture, he decided to do a year of exchange study in Japan during his third year of study. That incredible year of experience with different cultural interactions prepared him for the career he has today. After graduating with a B.S. degree, Dr. Chan moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his chiropractic education at Cleveland Chiropractic College. After 4 years of studies, he graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) with honor and as a Valedictorian of the class. Before he came back to Canada to practise, Dr. Chan also travelled to Guangzhou, China to study acupuncture. In 2004, he began to practise and start to help patients as a wellness chiropractor.

Dr. Ronnie Chan believes that finding the root cause is the most important step in treating the pain. Therefore, a thorough examination with proper report of findings is crucial to you. His treating technique is very specific and effective to different conditions, yet gentle enough to be applied to individuals. Dr. Chan also incorporates stretching and exercises into the treatments, so that you can speed up your recovery. Together with his wellness team, Dr. Chan is currently helping very diverse patients.

Aside from Chiropractic, Dr. Ronnie Chan is also a qualified personal trainer, having great interest in martial arts and enjoying his time with his wife, Dorothy.

Contact Dr. Ronnie Chan for an initial examination to determine if he is the right person to help you relieve pain and regain your life style.

Anna Cheng - Clinic Assistant


Anna has joined Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic as a Clinic Assistant in August of 2018.

She has previously worked in the Hospital for Sick Children. It was a precious opportunity for her to enrich her medical knowledge from dealing with the medical staff and the patients in a fast-paced setting to working in a team environment with proficient multi-tasking skills.

Her personal Belief of “Health” is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and this has already encompassed Physical Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health and Social Health, including with respect to interpersonal relationships.

Anna has a passion of achieving her goal in helping the people in need with her Belief of Health.


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